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Share Transport has been assisting customers to find great prices and reliable service since 2012. Our goal is to supply the most cost-effective and time-efficient shipping options to our customers and have assisted hundreds of satisfied customers.

Currently, we are focusing on household, office and personal goods, machinery (light and heavy) and a variety of commercial goods. We are however seeking to expand and have been beneficially involved with containerised loads, moving vehicles and a variety of other items.

Shared-transport involves finding space for your goods on a truck or vehicle that is transporting other goods on the same route. This works to everyone’s benefit. The transporter gains by not transporting part loads. The customer benefits because the transporter charges by volume (unless the goods are particularly heavy) and this results in substantial savings for the customer.

If you are wanting to move a large household (say, five to six bedrooms) then the probability of a shared load is very low since it is likely that you will be filling an entire truck to both its volume and weight capacities. By comparison, however, some large machines can constitute shared loads where their volume and weight is such that they can be accommodated with other items on the same journey.

Most of the companies we work with have built-in insurance that is included in the quoted price to move your goods. This is usually limited to damage or loss due to collision or hijack (or theft following a collision) and does not cover theft of or damage to goods during storage or transit. Most companies can arrange for comprehensive insurance, usually at 1% of the insured value. Comprehensive policies typically have a first excess which is born by the customer and in most cases will not cover items contained in owner-packed boxes or cartons. Where the transport company does not offer to arrange comprehensive cover, Share Transport will gladly arrange it for you.

Our function as a freight broker is to find and introduce customers to cost-effective reliable transporters. Whilst we do our best to ensure that the transporters from which we request quotes on behalf of our customers are reliable and efficient, we cannot guarantee their services as they do not act as our agents and the contractual relationship that is formed by acceptance of their quotation is between the customer and the transporter. Our terms and conditions relating to our personal liability can be found, here.

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