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Becoming a member of the Share Transport "team" is free and offers tremendous potential benefits to participating transporters. As we have been in business since 2012, the number of requests for quotes that we receive through our website and other sources is growing by the day.

If you sign up, we will send all relevant requests for quotes (RFQs) directly to you, enabling you in turn to submit quotes through the automated system to clients. If your quote is accepted by the customer, you will then deal directly with the customer in arranging the transportation of the consignment.

To avoid flooding you with RFQs that are not relevant to your routes of operation or type of goods transported, we will filter all RFQs to try to ensure that they fit within the parameters of your operation.

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How we Operate

                                       On phone

At the end of each month we will bill you for our commission on completed consignments. If a customer cancels a transport request, we will issue a credit note and no commission will be payable unless the customer cancelled due to genuine dissatisfaction with your service.

All that we ask of participating transporters is that they provide the best possible service to our mutual customers and adhere to undertakings given as to time and manner of collection and delivery.

As an added value benefit, we will also offer you a free link to your company on our links page. For a small monthly fee, we can also place your logo with link to your website on our landing page enabling potential customers to go directly to your website.

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SHARE TRANSPORT is a great organisation. It began life with the object of connecting transporters with individuals and companies requiring to move small to medium loads. Typically, these ranged from personal items such as the odd box or suitcase, musical instruments, furniture and appliances.

Many of our clients seek transport opportunities at costs below normal freight charges by filling gaps amongst existing loads or on vehicles returning empty. It’s a great opportunity for transporters that in turn provides a value-added service to customers.

Currently our challenge is to increase the number of routes we can offer mutual clients: the more routes that we can offer, the more work we can pass on to transporters, a win-win for all involved


SHARE TRANSPORT is expanding. We are in the process of expanding to become a general freight broker. True, there are many others out there, but as our database expands, we will be aggressively looking for new business: business we can pass on to you!

So whether you have share-load space to offer for small companies or individuals or are looking to fill your trucks, please complete your profile on our database. It will take only a few minutes of your time and could be the beginning of a great thing.

Please take the time to complete the routes that you operate. This will help us greatly to know how to pass on business to you. You can either check the appropriate boxes or simply complete the blank spaces